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Information security management and privacy isn't just for techies and computer wiz-kids.

This complex cyber security inter-disciplinary process combines the need for technical expertise, and consideration for what an organization can accomplish and sustain. Company leadership often struggles with a few things here: what security controls are required, and how to balance the operational and organizational impacts of those choices.


This is where Deer Brook's experts can aide and raise your organization. Our team will develop strategies and security controls tailored specifically for your organization; controls that your organization can successfully implement and maintain. Our team's approach considers your technical and organizational drivers, and can help you make cost-effective choices that still provide real security and privacy benefits.


A flurry of sales calls, gusts of upsells, and new products dropping from the sky; that's the blizzard of noise that technology leaders have to face 24/7.


But if you invest in those security tools, how will you know they work effectively? Is your company able to effectively implement them to realize the true value of the investment? Can your company ensure that the implementation and SLAs are effective and valuable?


Our team finds the answers to these questions with its focus on your institutional capability. Together, our team will help you pick the right tools and services to meet your security and privacy objectives.


Organizations often fail to ensure their administrative controls and security tools are sustainably implemented. In the face of an audit or a cyber security event, explaining why security and privacy controls weren't considered may as well be a game show's million dollar answer.


But with that aside, it's even harder to explain why the tools were ineffective, or why processes weren't followed.


With our focus on institutional capacity and operational effectiveness, we will help you implement security and privacy decisions with controls that are effectively and sustainably implemented.


Chaos can reign supreme and engulf the globe at any moment, but if it does, organizations should always consider these questions: what data did we lose? And how quickly can we restore our services?


Deer Brook will help you craft recovery objectives through effective processes that will lead to strong, actionable decisions.


Armed with analysis and effective thinking, our team will work with you to develop strategies and implement tools and processes to ensure you can wrangle back in the chaos. 


Beautifully produced binders of policies are something to admire. But how do they protect the security and privacy of your customer and employee information?

We've got a pragmatic approach that will help you develop operationally effective and sustainable security programs and processes.


And don't worry, we'll make it just as beautifully produced as that binder.


Security is sometimes an afterthought, but it really shouldn't be. With no judgement, we'll help you understand how security is a foundation that's built into the architecture of your IT system.


We'll help you get running with some thoughts about security approaches, ones that will both compliment your high-performing IT designs and will meet your objectives of superior and secure IT service.

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