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So, your business has its security architecture built out and all its tools implemented. It's a great start, but how well are the tools actually performing?

If you haven't already, you may want to consider performing penetration tests (pen tests) and other technical security reviews. Whether you're driven by regulatory obligations or a desire to see how good your IT and security teams are, pen tests will help you prioritize effective continued investment in security controls.

This is where Deer Brook's team particularly excels. Our experts will hunker down and take a long, thoughtful look at your cyber defense. Using state-of-the-art tools and a cutting edge expertise, our team will examine every inch of your security architecture.

We know the difference between a test and a science project; meaning, we'll scale the depth of our inquiries based on your personal risk objectives and budget.


Whether it's because of regulatory obligations, a desire to build a strong security architecture, or both, penetration tests show companies where they need to prioritize continued investments in technical security.


Our team of security experts will use cutting edge tools to poke, probe, and prod your security architecture to see just how well it stacks up. Our tests are tailored to you, and we scale our efforts depending on your risk objectives and budget.


We'll act as if we're a user with no access privileges.

How well does your security architecture stack up to the outside, unknown forces of the global hacking world?

Through our external pen testing, you'll soon have your answer.

Hacker Blue.png


We'll act like a user with standard access privileges.


A disgruntled employee out for revenge, an ex-employee who still has their credentials, or an external attacker who phished one of your employees; these are just a few real world internal threats you need to be aware of.​

We'll put your system up to the test, and give you the information you need to know.


What good are pen tests without reports?

Our experts will think like hackers, perform their pen tests, and compile all the information you need to know.

What systems were most vulnerable? How was a certain loophole discovered? But most importantly: how can you fix it?


If we're talking about the most devastating kinds of disruptions, nothing beats malware and virus infections. The cost to counter these quickly spirals out of control, and management teams often don't have enough experience handling them. This means missteps, and more unnecessary expenditures.

Let us help your management team through this process. We'll help you manage costs and we'll help you get back in business ASAP. Our cyber response experts will solve your technology problems and determine all root causes and exposures.

Our experts in legal, regulatory, insurance, media, and operational fields will deploy and expertly guide your management team through the entire lifetime of the incident. We'll be with you from the onset of the incident all the way towards the resolution and your new normalcy.


Our IT and information security experts have all the right tools and know all the right moves.


Our team leverages specialized tools, extensive know-how, and comprehensive incident response experience to rapidly manage the effects of your cyber incident.


We can work with your IT staff or as our own strike team to chart out the fastest, most clearly risk-informed path to your restored, safe IT operations.


Company leaders are often surprised with the viciousness and intensity of the press coverage they're confronted with following a cyber incident.


We've got hard-won experience from large and small data breaches that allows us to advise your leaders on how to reassure your customers and stay ahead of the media frenzy.


If you need an extra hand, you'll get it; we can step in and manage your communications campaign, something that's often the biggest burden on your company leaders.


To have an effective and efficient incident response, senior leaders have to stay focused on the real issues.


Staying focused here will allow them to guide the company through the journey ahead.


No organization needs to do it alone, though. Deer Brook's experience with handling numerous data breaches means we can give you effective and proven strategies to prioritize your tasks, construct an action plan, and get your company firing on all cylinders again.

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