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Hiring decisions are arguably the most difficult decisions an organization has to make. As if finding the right talent wasn't hard enough, critical skills may only be needed temporarily and not full-time. Even skills can be transitory too: keeping your cyber team's skills fresh and preparing for evolving technology is an arduous task.


Deer Brook can assist your organization with staffing models that will best suit your needs, while also complementing our own advisory services. We will help you reach your information security and privacy needs by supplying you with highly-skilled staff and professionals that are on the cutting edge in their areas of expertise.


Large organizations usually have 'em, but for many businesses CISOs are either out-sized or out-priced.


However, if you're following up after a cyber security event, you can count on our "CISOs-For-Hire." They'll provide the right expertise and maturity to guide your security projects and program development, with no commitment to long-term full-time employment.


Our CISOs are available on any sort of basis: it all depends on you and your needs.


The skills needed to implement an information security system or a privacy program are completely different to the skills needed to implement the control and oversee the programs.


It's no surprise that companies are frustrated trying to find the right employees, at the right price, with the right skills, to accomplish both goals.


But we can swoop in for you, and provide proven experts for the exact skills you need, all on an interim basis. As you get your projects and programs on the rails, we'll provide the right resources, at the right prices, on a long-term contract basis for sustainment.


We can even train your employees to understand and manage your tools and programs successfully, too.


Interviewing for someone's technical skills and making sure they fit the company's culture is tedious and distracting. And that's assuming you can even find reasonably qualified candidates.


In this increasingly litigious world, even probationary periods aren't a guarantee of correcting a poor hiring decision, no matter how early into employment they are.


Don't worry about any of that. Instead, allow us to make our resources available to you. On a project or staff augmentation basis, and when mutually acceptable to us both, you'll be able to hire those resources to sustain your efforts internally.

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