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Serve your people better.

Your agency strives to promote public welfare and relies on its people and its tools to do that. But how do you know your tools are supporting your staff? Are there better options available? Deer Brook's team has a wide variety of experience leading and aiding government bodies and contractors towards compliance and effective cyber technology.

On a cyber scale that ranges from hackers to regulations, we know what's being asked of you. Our team knows what it takes to keep your agency protected against hackers, compliant with regulations, and prepared for any kind of cyber scenario.


People rely on you. You can rely on us.

What We Do

We provide hands-on and high level cyber services to government agenices. Whether you need system configurations or an incident response plan, we've got the team to do it.


The waters can be rough to navigate, and that's why we're here to serve you. Your protection, while doing things the right way, is our top priority.

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Cybersecurity Governance

Be prepared with our comprehensive, actionable cybersecurity strategies custom tailored for you.

Compliance Reviews & Analysis

Get the whole picture and see where the gaps are. We'll help you achieve compliance in a way that's suited for your agency.

Emergency Operations Plan

A good EOP will help you manage a crisis in an effective, efficient manner. Our cutting-edge industry knowledge will get you there.

Technical Security Audits

Leave no stone unturned. We'll suss out any security risks facing your agency and we'll develop an action plan to address them.

Incident Response

Ensure sustainability and success for your organization when faced with the uncertainty of incidents of all types.

Firewall Configuration

A firewall configured correctly means having protection from cyberattacks and data theft. Your agency can operate in peace.

Are You Ready?

We're not about serving a one-size-fits-all solution.

We're about setting the foundation for long-term success that you need.

We empathize with your challenges and we have the expertise to develop solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable, and align with your needs.


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