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Higher Education

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Take your institution to the next level.

The ultimate goal is to see students reach their full potential and to provide them with the resources to do it. Deer Brook offers higher education institutions a path to reach that goal. With our unique expertise and perspective in higher education, we'll help you make sure your institution has the right systems in place to ensure that your students are always put first.

With our specialized solutions, designed to be sustainable and effective, you'll be able to meet every challenge and secure a bright future for your institution and your students.


The ultimate goal is within reach.

What We Do

We provide system selection sevices and follow up with implementation management to guide your optimization and digital transformation.


With our compliance and integration support, you'll be effectively navigating the intersection of business needs and technology needs.

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SIS Selection & Implementation

Save time and reduce stress with our team that has expertise in the entire SIS implementation process. We'll get you across the finish line.

LMS Implementation

We'll work with you to cover every step of implementation including establishing controls, user accounts, settings, and content.

Procurement Experience

We can help you understand your business needs. Let us help you set yourself up for sustainable, long-term success.

Reorganization & Development

We have a successful track record of bringing organizations and teams together to standardize and centralize their IT solutions.

IT Optimization

We'll work with you to create steps that improve your operations. Resulting in lowered costs and immediate returns in productivity.

App Rationalization

We'll take the time to comb through all of your applications. We're going to simplify the complex, increase efficiency, and decrease costs.

Are You Ready?

We're not about serving a one-size-fits-all solution.

We're about setting the foundation for long-term success that you need.

We empathize with your challenges and we have the expertise to develop solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable, and align with your needs.


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