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Act (GLBA)

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Safeguard Your Customer Data

The recent FTC Safeguards Rule and GLBA both expect you to keep your customer’s information secure while also being able to explain your information-sharing practices to them.

Do you know if your organization can effectively do both?

Achieving GLBA compliance means taking a deep look and understanding the ins and outs of your information-sharing practices, as well as safeguarding sensitive information with the right tools and processes.

It can be a lot to manage all at once. Especially if you want to thoughtfully examine your processes, and potentially expand upon them or revamp them.

That’s where Deer Brook can provide you with custom-tailored, practical solutions for how to satisfy your compliance requirements in a way that makes sense for you


Security Risk Assessment

We'll quantify security risks facing your organization and develop a prioritized action plan while accounting for budget, talent, and time.

Vulnerability Management Assessments

Our scans reach far and wide and our recommendations for patching and remediation are made with sustainability in mind.

Network & System Penetration Testing

Get a comprehensive report from a team that knows how to leverage tactics, techniques, and procedures to deliver meaningful intelligence.

Incident Response

Ensure the sustainability and success of your organization when faced with the uncertainty that accompanies incidents of all varieties.

How We Do It

We take the time to understand and discover where your burdens and challenges are.


With this in mind, we customize and tailor solutions that are specific and relevant for you.

Cybersecurity Data Protection
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