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Technical Services

Command Your Cyber Security

Your security architecture is built out. Your tools are implemented. But how well are they actually performing? Deer Brook's technical services experts can hunker down and take a long, thoughtful look at your cyber defense. Our cutting edge expertise is complemented by our state-of-the-art tools and methods, and we'll use all of it to meet your business goals and objectives.

Whether you need penetration tests, an incident response team, or anything in-between, we're ready for it. We want you up and running with thoughtful, tailored solutions that are designed solely with you and your organization in mind. Based on your unique risk objectives and budget, we'll scale the depth of our work to get you what you need.


Network & System Penetration Testing

Get a comprehensive report from a team that knows what questions to ask, and which answers are actually important and actionable.

Incident Response

Our comprehensive experience will help manage the effects of your cyber incident and get your IT operations rapidly restored.

Virtual Security Teams

With our cutting edge security team, you'll have the best support to ensure your cybersecurity stays modern and secure.

System Security Plans & POA&Ms

We take pride in our action plans that are tailored for you to ensure actionable outcomes and your increased security posture.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

With the latest tools and knowledge, we'll test your network and produce a detailed report on what they saw, and how you can bulk up.

Regulatory & Compliance Guidance

We know what it takes to ensure compliance, but we'll go the distance to ensure you have the tools and capabilities to sustain it.

Are You Ready?

We're not about serving a one-size-fits-all solution.

We're about setting the foundation for long-term success that you need.

We empathize with your challenges and we have the expertise to develop solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable, and align with your needs.


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